Source: David Horowitz

It’s been almost two years since the summer of violent Black Lives Matter insurrections and cop-hating crusades.  The actions of that summer inflicted $2 billion in property damage in 220 American cities, killed scores of people, and spiked record homicide rates in a dozen municipalities run by Democrat politicians and supporters.  This unprecedented eruption of hatred and violence was fueled by a racial hoax claiming that there was an “open season” on black lives, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this claim, whether statistical or circumstantial.

Apart from affirmative action, which was given a pass by the Supreme Court, and despite the false claims of the president, there is no systemic racism in America today.  If police departments, for example, were systemically racist, there would be massive lawsuits invoking the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which specifically outlaws institutional and systemic racism.  There are no such massive lawsuits because there is no systemic racism in police departments.  Although the accusation of systemic racism is the main currency of the Black Lives Matter hate campaign — and, shamefully, of the rhetoric emanating from the White House itself — there is no factual basis for this slander.  None.

The time that has elapsed since the launch of the left’s racial witch hunt has provided ample opportunity to expose the malicious, self-serving criminal agendas of the Black Lives Matter movement.  These have nothing to do with the welfare of black communities, which have not received a penny of the tens of millions of dollars raised in their name.  Contributions to Black Lives Matter have gone to line the pockets and enhance the real estate portfolios of its leaders.  Meanwhile, the chief victims of the homicides unleashed by their actions have been poor black inner-city communities — with no show of concern by Black Lives Matter and its allies.

A week ago, a Black Lives Matter activist named Quintez Brown attempted to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate in Louisville.  Without any hesitation, Black Lives Matter provided a $100,000 bond to get him released within two days of his arrest.  It was not the first instance where Black Lives Matter showed its solidarity with political and racial assassins, or its support for domestic terrorism.  When a black assassin murdered five cops in Dallas, and the assassin was blown up by a police robot, Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors portrayed the murderer as a black-skinned martyr because he was “the first individual ever to be blown up by local law enforcement.”  She ignored the fact that the assassin was a homicidal maniac, and the order to blow him up was made by the Dallas police chief, who was black.

As an emblem of the Biden Democrats’ support for the anti-white, anti-law racists of the left, Biden recently appointed political consultant Minyan Moore to advise him on his selection of a black woman to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.  Minyan Moore is a director of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.  Worse, she is a close friend and promoter of Kimberle Crenshaw, the creator of Critical Race Theory, which indicts America’s constitutional order as “white supremacist” from its inception and concludes that no American laws or institutions should be respected because of those origins.

To have Moore as the presidential adviser on a Supreme Court nomination epitomizes the anti-American, anti-democratic agendas of Black Lives Matter’s “trained Marxists.”  In addition, Moore has been a political consultant to the Clintons, Kamala Harris, and the race-hustler Jesse Jackson — an indication of how the Democrat Party has reverted to its roots as the party of slavery, racism and segregation.