Source: Joe Hoft

Joe Biden must be taking it easy this weekend.  He’s not likely looking into sensitive information related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because there is no evidence that Biden has a protective SCIF built at his Delaware residence.  

Back in March 2016 we all learned what a SCIF was:

In a highly anticipated meeting to discuss intelligence on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election, President-elect Donald Trump was briefed Friday by the directors of National Intelligence, CIA, FBI and NSA at Trump Tower in New York City.

Because Trump Tower was not built with the necessary safeguards to host intelligence briefings involving confidential information, officials familiar with the situation indicated that a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, was constructed in a conference room for the meeting to take place.

A SCIF can be any room or building outfitted to prevent intrusion or surveillance efforts. They are used by government and military officials when discussing confidential information, often related to national security. Perhaps the most notable example of a SCIF is the White House Situation Room.

A directive from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence notes that all Sensitive Compartmented Information “must be processed, stored, used, or discussed in an accredited SCIF,” which must follow a set of “uniform security requirements,” including physical and technical impediments plus visitor control.

Candidate and President Trump had a SCIF built at Trump Tower.  This made the news.

But what about Joe Biden?

There was one CNN report in late November 2020 that Joe Biden could build a SCIF in Delaware but there was never a follow-up on this.

There is currently no information that Biden has a SCIF at his residence in Delaware or anywhere nearby.

CNN Reported:

Since taking office four months ago, the President has spent more weekends away from the White House than he has stayed there, almost three times as many. Counting this Memorial Day weekend, Biden has been in Wilmington nine weekends and passed five weekends at the presidential retreat, Camp David, in rural Maryland. The numbers far exceed any modern president’s weekends off-campus at this point in his tenure.

“He thinks of (the White House) more like a Monday-through-Friday kind of place,” said one of several people familiar with Biden’s thinking who spoke to CNN for this story and were granted anonymity in order to preserve relationships. This person said the people’s house was akin to presidential corporate housing. “Really, really high-end corporate housing.”

“Joe Biden has always been the guy who goes home to Delaware,” said another person who has worked with the President. “The White House isn’t going to change that.”

The residence is, however, the symbolic pinnacle of political achievement, which begs the question why he would rather not have been there for 14 of the 19 weekends he has been president.

When Joe Biden heads home he really forgets about the job in DC.  Based on all available information, Biden has no SCIF onsite at his residence in Delaware.  This means he can’t be processing, storing, using, or discussing “Sensitive Compartmented Information” this weekend since he has no SCIF where he is at.

Biden is taking the weekend off while Ukraine is under siege by Russia.  He might be watching TV but he can’t be discussing any sensitive information related to Ukraine because he doesn’t have the facility to do so.