Kremlin releases picture of 13 brave soldiers who chose to fight to the death against Russian forces and claims they actually SURRENDERED

Source: Daily Mail

The group of Ukrainian border guards who told the Russian military to ‘go f*** yourself’ over the radio as they defended a small island in the Black Sea, and were thought to have been killed, may now actually be alive and being held as prisoners of war.

The guards defending Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, a strategically-significant speck of land south of the port of Odessa, had originally thought to have been killed but to have gone down in a blaze of linguistic glory during Thursday’s attacks. 

But pictures released by the Russian Defense Ministry claim the Ukrainian servicemen are in fact still alive after ‘voluntarily’ surrendering their garrison to Russian troops.

Almost a dozen photos released by Russia purportedly show the men boarding buses, being given bottled water and a food parcel, before being shown sitting in their seats. 

Russia have even said that men will be released an be allowed to return to their families. 

The authenticity of the information is still uncertain given that just a day earlier, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had promised to posthumously decorate ‘the heroic deceased border guards.’

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