Spirit Cooking high priestess Marina Abramovic’s legacy of evil is so strong that she’s pushing people to Russia’s cause, evidenced by the backlash on Twitter.

Infowars is anti-war and does not support this conflict, and we would strongly advise individuals like Abramovic and Soros to keep their endorsements to themselves.

Source:  Jamie White

Well-known globalists and occultists like high priestess Marina Abramovic are endorsing Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, prompting some on social media to consider rooting for Vladimir Putin instead.

Abramovic, a Democrat known for her occult antics like Spirit Cooking ceremonies, denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin and called for social media to rally to Ukraine’s side of the conflict.

“An attack to Ukraine is to attack all of us,” Abramovic said in a video circulating Twitter. “It’s an attack to humanity and has to be stopped.”

Abramovic’s dark legacy is so repugnant that many people commented that while they otherwise would not support Russia – framed as the aggressor in this conflict – her endorsement of Ukraine is making them reconsider.

When individuals like these give you support, one must wonder exactly what your side stands for.

One user on Twitter pointed to a video by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who warned that anyone calling to defend Ukraine’s “democracy” is lying, because Ukraine is effectively an autocracy that jails opposition media and political opponents of the regime.