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Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, founder and managing director of Merogenomics, discussed serious findings from an October 2021 study in Viruses.

In the video above, Dr. Raszek details the ramifications of the spike protein entering the cell nucleus.

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The spike proteins inhibit the proper fixing of broken DNA, specifically double-stranded breaks where both strands are broken.

While it’s still unknown how, theories suspect interference with the BRCA1 gene product’s ability to repair DNA.

If the BRCA1 gene mutates, then there’s a high predisposition for developing cancer.

Based on the findings in the Swedish paper, Dr. Raszek urged to reinvestigate and verify the claims.

Now, Dr. Raszek has analyzed additional data from a Pfizer study released by Australian authorities tasked with approving medications.

The study provided additional evidence that the spike proteins do indeed enter the cell nuclei.