Source: Jordan Conradson

Joe Biden delivered his first State of The Union Address on Tuesday night.

In just one year, we have already seen two of the biggest military failures in American history thanks to the Biden regime. Joe Biden has failed our nation and our troops.

The botched Afghanistan withdrawal left thirteen U.S. troops dead and thousands of Americans stranded in hostile Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

The Taliban also seized over $80 billion in military equipment.

Russia invaded Ukraine last week after Putin saw how feeble and stupid Joe Biden is.

When Biden was speaking on the tragedies of war in Afghanistan and the drastic outcomes for some, including death, Rep. Lauren Boebert shouted, “Thirteen of them!” to remind Joe Biden of the thirteen troops that he sent to die in Afghanistan during his failed withdrawal and surrender.

You can also see Nancy Pelosi’s disgusting grin and excitement as Biden mentions the “waste of war” and death of troops.

Biden: headaches, numbness, dizziness, a cancer that would put them in a flag draped coffin…

Boebert: thirteen of them!

Rep. Boebert is a hero for this.