Belarus dictator addresses his security council in front of map that seems to detail Russia’s battle plan for Ukraine

Source: Daily Mail

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko appears to have indicated Vladimir Putin’s forces have plans to invade Moldova.

Putin’s war-mongering sidekick addressed security officials today while standing in front of a battle map that seems to show a planned operation from southern Ukraine into its tiny neighbour.  

The map also showed proposed battle plans for Russian troops across the country.

It detailed Russian lines of attack heading into Ukraine, some of which have materialised in the first few days of the invasion – such as forces storming towards Kyiv from the north, and towards Kherson from Crimea.

But they also showed off several attacks that have yet to come to pass – with one even appearing to point from the port city of Odessa into Moldova, suggesting Russia plans to march troops into Ukraine’s neighbour. 

Meanwhile Putin’s military has suffered an embarrassing string of defeats while trying to carry out precision strikes on key targets in an apparent effort to win the war quickly and convincingly. 

That has raised fears that he is now about to deploy Russian heavy armour and artillery in an attempt to brute-force his way to victory – a strategy that could cause huge civilian casualties.

A ‘terrifying’ convoy 40 miles long comprised of tanks and artillery is now heading towards the capital Kyiv, apparently in an effort to surround it.

Russian forces began bombarding the city today, striking a TV mast and a nearby Holocaust memorial, after warning citizens to leave or risk being killed. 

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