Source: Kevin Tober

On Monday night, all three evening newscasts hyperventilated over a report from the United Nations (U.N.) that allegedly claims the world will suffer grave environmental consequences if nothing is done about “climate change”. 

Instead of reporting on the breaking news that Hunter Biden’s former business partner was just convicted of defrauding an impoverished Native American tribe, the networks decided to needlessly frighten their viewers about the climate. 

On ABC’s World News Tonight, anchor David Muir — while sitting in front of a screen that says “alarming climate change report” — glumly reported the window to solve climate change is “rapidly closing to avoid its deadly consequences.” Muir panicked that according to the U.N., “half the world’s population [is] living in the so-called danger zone now.” He then ended the brief segment with this fearmongering: 

The report finding that even if warming is limited to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which has been a global goal, still, up to fourteen percent of species will face a very high risk of extinction. And in some regions of the world, food and water will become increasingly scarce. 

During a segment on CBS’s Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell led off by telling the audience about the “important but grim U.N. report” that says “nearly half of the Earth’s population live in areas highly vulnerable to climate change. With coastlines, farms, and cities especially at risk.” O’Donnell urged that “scientists say there’s still hope that some of the worst can be prevented but the world needs to act fast.”

Over on NBC Nightly News Lester Holt announced that the U.N. report says “time is running out to avoid the worst-case scenarios”, but then outsourced the climate fearmongering to correspondent Tom Costello:

The U.N.’s latest, most in-depth scientific report on climate change warns the dangers are immediate and growing more acute with millions of people worldwide potentially losing access to clean water, facing starvation and disease. So far, humanity has taken incremental, often superficial steps to mitigate climate change.

Continuing to needlessly frighten viewers Costello said that “global temperatures have already risen two degrees Fahrenheit in just over one hundred years. The U.N. report warns if temps rise by another 2.7 degrees, vast stretches of coral reef will die off. More species will go extinct. Rising sea levels will threaten cities. And fish, livestock, and crop yields will drop, threatening millions in vulnerable countries and sending food prices higher for everyone.”  

This climate hysteria from the three networks was made possible by WeatherTech on ABC, Ensure on CBS, and Liberty Mutual on NBC. Their information is linked.