Big speech foretells big problems

Source: Christian Whiton

Joe Biden’s first state of the Union address should be his last. His sanctimonies, blame shifting, misstatements, false accusations, and adherence to failed policies only reinforced what an increasing number of people know: this man is a walking disaster—America’s worst modern president. 

Biden began with a justification of his policies that failed to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine—in fact, which effectively encouraged Russia to invade. Ukraine was supposed to be Biden’s Cuban Missile Crisis. Talk tough and then take credit when the Russians back down.

But Biden is no John F. Kennedy. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows a bluffing fool when he sees one. Biden said a “minor incursion” into Ukraine would be acceptable and that Putin “has to do something.” And so he did.

Biden also talked up the out-of-control spending that he says saved an American economy that had recovered before he became president. In fact, the “American Rescue Plan” and other attempts by the ruling elite to use the coronavirus crisis to remake America meant wasting a huge amount of money and helping to spark high inflation unseen since the 1970s along with a debt level worse than France’s. Biden promised even more in his speech—to the cheers of his fellow leftwing progressives.

“Four-dollar-a-gallon” Biden has a plan to cut gas costs that will actually raise the price of gas—which in turn raises the price of everything. He wants to “cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combatting climate change.” Did you get that? Cut the cost of energy by raising the cost of energy—which is what our ruling elite wants most in sacrifice to their secular religion of climate change alarmism. American oil production is still 1.5 million barrels per day below where it was before coronavirus because Biden and others Democrats are at war with oil and gas.

Biden took credit for progress against coronavirus, which killed more Americans on his watch than that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, despite Biden’s promise to “shut down” the virus. The commander in chief of vaccine mandates and forcing kids pointlessly to wear masks bragged that because of new guidelines issued by the CDC just before his speech “…most Americans in most of the country can now be mask free.” It’s amazing how the science changed just in time! Most Americans can be forgiven for thinking the coronavirus crisis ended as the disease ran its course.

Biden also previewed his choice for Supreme Court justice—chosen for what she is instead of who she is—by calling for a ban on any guns that he defines to be “assault weapons.” Don’t worry, it’s perfectly constitutional, says he. How long until the computer or phone on which you are reading this gets defined by his woke buddies in Congress as an “assault weapon” if you write something negative about vaccine mandates or critical race theory.

The real takeaway from the speech is that for Biden, the worst is yet to come. Nothing he said indicated the slightest change from the disastrous woke activism and incompetence that have brought us to this point.

How is that possible that matters can get worse after the debacles of 2021, including humiliation in Afghanistan, crushing the middle class with inflation, and cheering on the woke mob that wants to make America a tyranny ordered on race and politics? Let us count the ways. 

Biden basked in the resistance that Ukrainians have commendably shown in the first week of war against Russia, and claimed credit for the supposed unity of Europe, NATO, and the American people. But it is likely downhill from here with the Russian military shepherding much larger forces and encircling Kiev. Biden is bragging about magnificent processes and diplomatic gestures that will nonetheless lead to a conquered Ukraine, in part or in whole. Biden still hasn’t explained what vital U.S. interests are at stake in Ukraine or the risks of pushing China and Russia closer together. When the war ends, look for Biden to talk up the importance of NATO without ever crediting his predecessor with demanding NATO pay its fair share. This will be music to the ears of freeloading Europeans who screw us on trade and demand we underwrite their security, as well as a Chinese government that until recently was afraid we might actually move some additional military capabilities to the Pacific.

Iran will also join Afghanistan and Ukraine as foreign policy disasters under Biden. He is relying on Russian diplomats in Vienna to put the final touches on a nuclear deal with Iran that will actually sanctify the mullahs’ nuclear weapons program rather than ban it.

Inflation will only get worse, but it will be displaced from headlines by the reemergence of another word from the past: stagflation. All Biden had to do was keep out of the way while the roaring Trump economy came back to full throttle after the coronavirus disruptions of 2020. Instead, Biden and the progressive Left in Congress have put the government in charge of the economy and killed off tens of thousands of small businesses. He’s at war with American energy companies. The Left’s woke crusade has elevated mediocrities to the top of our corporations. Suddenly what was a roaring economy is teetering close to zero growth. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank’s “GDPNow” model indicates that growth for the first quarter of this year will be 0% on the nose. That is down from a consensus estimate of nearly 4% around Christmas. Low growth and high inflation means that Four-dollar-a-gallon Joe will preside over stagflation and sink lower still in approval polls.

Speaking of polls, the RealClearPolitics average of generic polls gives Republicans a 4-point advantage over Democrats going into congressional elections this fall. A tie usually foretells steep Republican gains. A recent poll by leftwing ABC News and the Washington Post shows a whopping 7-point lead for the GOP. You will never see Nancy Pelosi sitting in the Speaker’s chair during a state of the Union address again. Joe Biden’s legislative agenda is already dead, but he is likely to face a hostile Congress next year that might even take a look at voter fraud and the Biden family’s lucrative business dealings in China and Ukraine.

In every manner that the public judges a president—on the economy, keeping America safe, and serving as a symbol of respect—Joe Biden is about to fail even harder. The history books will show that it was actually Barack Obama who hit the nail on the head in summing up Biden when he said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

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