Source: Zero Hedge

On Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky turned down the US’ evacuation offer from the capital city of Kyiv. He said, “the fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride.”

On Monday, AMMO Inc., a US-based ammunition and components manufacturer, announced it had acknowledged Zelensky’s call and has pledged to donate one million rounds of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Fred Wagenhals, CEO of Ammo Inc., said his company “firmly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, as we stand for freedom and democracy everywhere.” 

“While we fervently hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the crisis and that diplomacy will win the day, we condemn the Russian aggression and its threat to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and freedom. We recognize that events are unfolding rapidly on the ground in Ukraine, and we are prepared to move quickly as possible to support Ukraine as it continues to defend itself and its freedom,” Wagenhals said. 

The call for ammo comes as Russia tries to seize more Ukrainian cities on Wednesday. A menacing convoy of Russian troops is on a highway north of Kyiv. There are fears the convoy could encircle the capital. 

However, there’s some good news. The second round of Russia-Ukraine talks is set for today.