Source: Jim Hoft

Vernon Jones, a former Democrat, is running in Georgia’s 10th congressional district for US Congress.
Jones is a grassroots favorite.

President Trump endorsed Vernon Jones for Congress in a special video announcement in early February.

Vernon officially joined the Republican Party in January 2021 after serving in the Georgia House as a conservative Democrat for years.

Vernon Jones joined John Fredericks earlier this week to discuss his campaign for Congress.

During the segment, Jones discussed nominating President Trump for Speaker of the House after the red wave that is going to occur in the midterms this year.

Vernon Jones: “When we take Congress in 2022 I will be nominating and voting for Donald Trump to be the Speaker. And once the Senate confirms impeachment and throws out Kamala Harris and Joe Biden then President Trump will be the President of the United States.”

Once Trump is Speaker, he will introduce articles of impeachment for Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris which, if passed, would make DJT the President of the United States.

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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