Source: WION Web Team

Since the invasion began, Ukrainian officials have urged foreign volunteers to help fight Russian forces.  

Heeding to this demand, around 3,000 Americans have volunteered to fight Russian forces in Ukraine, a media report said, citing a representative of Kyiv’s embassy in Washington.

Russia is continuously making advances in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Several Western nations have imposed sanctions on Moscow to put it on the back foot.   

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Many countries have also provided several kinds of weapons to Ukraine to fend off the invading Russian forces. Till now, no nation has sent military forces to support Kyiv.  

The “volunteers have responded to Ukraine’s appeal for people to serve in an international battalion that will help resist Russia’s invading forces”, the representative told VOA News.  

“Many more have stepped forward from other countries, most from other post-Soviet states, such as Georgia and Belarus,” the official added.  Also Read: Defying Ukraine’s plea, two US senators share Zelensky’s pics on social media

This comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on March 3, the formation of an “international legion” of 16,000 foreign volunteers, who were being asked to “join the defense of Ukraine, Europe, and the world”, reported VOA News.  

“We have nothing to lose but our own freedom,” the president had said.