Source:  Joe Hoft

Kamala Harris is surprising no one.  She got to her position because of quotas and she provides evidence why making selections based on quotas and not merits gives you dunderheads.

Sky News in Australia addressed Kamala Harras as proof that selecting individuals on quotas and not on merits gives you dunderheads.

Andrew, you’ve been very, very unfair on Kamala Harris.  I’m a huge fan of Kamala Harris’s for the simple reason that she has settled finally, definitively, with no room for any argument at all, the debate about quotas in politics or quotas in business.  If you start selecting some based on quotas on identity rather than on merit, you’re going to get a dunderhead.  And that is what Kamala Harris has proved for a year now.  She’s made a mockery of the office of Vice President.”

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Sky News in Australia is one of the best news outlets in the world.