The end of the world as we know it?

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Investment trends forecaster BCA Research says there is a 10 percent chance that a “civilization-ending global nuclear war” will occur within the next 12 months.

Yes, really.

The doomsday prediction was made by BCA Research global chief strategist Peter Berezin in a research note titled Rising Risk Of A Nuclear Apocalypse.

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Berezin writes that “the risk of Armageddon has risen dramatically” because Vladimir Putin has committed himself to regime change in Kiev at all costs.

There is now an “uncomfortably high 10% chance” of a global nuclear war due to a number of exacerbating factors, including the collapse of the ruble, which could lead to a plunge in living standards and foment an internal revolt against Putin.

“A quiet retirement is not an option for him,” writes Berezin.

“Although there is a huge margin of error around any estimate, subjectively, we would assign an uncomfortably high 10% chance of a civilization-ending global nuclear war over the next 12 months,” he added.

The strategist says that even if world war is avoided, markets will likely experience a “freakout moment” similar to the hit they took as a result of the pandemic.

Berezin also notes how panic buying of Potassium Iodide has begun, with bottles in his local pharmacy sold out and supplies “now being hawked on Amazon for ten times the regular price.”

In a related development, doomsday bunker demand has spiked 1000 percent, with wealthy elitists rushing to buy survival shelters in preparation for the worst-case scenario.