Source:  Joe Hoft

Dunce Fiona Hill is back in the news offering her advice on Russia.  Hill was Schiff’s star witness in the fake Trump impeachment with multiple conflicts of interest.  She also was at the center of the Russia collusion lie.

Fiona Hill was in the Trump White House yet she hated President Trump.  She compared President Trump’s victory to a communist rise to power in the US.

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Hill claimed to be non-partisan when pushing more garbage lies in the Adam Schiff-led impeachment.  Nothing was further from the truth.

Now Hill is piping off about the Russia and Ukraine conflict, claiming Putin will use nukes in Ukraine.  Far-left Politico reports the following while calling Hill a ‘truth teller’:

Well, we’re right there. Basically, what President Putin has said quite explicitly in recent days is that if anybody interferes in Ukraine, they will be met with a response that they’ve “never had in [their] history.” And he has put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. So he’s making it very clear that nuclear is on the table.