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RealClearPolitics co-founder and president Tom Bevan said that his 5th-grade child was given vocabulary words for a science class that included the terms “transgender,” “cisgender,” “adolescence,” “consent,” and “nonbinary.”

“Last night my 5th grader told us his vocabulary words for ‘science’ class this week,” Bevan tweeted along with a list of the words.

Bevan followed up his initial tweet by posting a photo of a sheet of paper that contained the five vocabulary words, as well as definitions and examples of each word being used in a sentence.

While Bevan did not state the name of the school, he referred to “our district” when linking to an article on the Post Millennial that discussed District 65 in Illinois.

TRENDING: Put on The Whole Armor Of GOD

“This is just awful and unacceptable. I hope you intervene,” Tammy Bruce tweeted in response to Bevan.

“Rescue your child from that school!” Mollie Hemingway declared.

“Homeschool is a great option,” Mercedes Schlapp wrote.

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“What’s amazing is how many people think Tom is lying (he provides evidence in next tweet) and are clearly not paying attention. Every subject has become a lesson in wokeness. All of them,” Karol Markowicz tweeted.

Many parents deeply oppose radical leftist gender ideology that flies in the face of biological reality and do not want their children exposed to that ideology at school.