Source: Cristina Laila

They want us drinking bug smoothies and eating weeds.

Bloomberg News told Americans to prepare to say goodbye to steaks and burgers as beef costs rise due to Bidenflation.

The globalists plan to solve the world’s problems by starving you and bringing greater human misery.

TRENDING: Rising energy, fertilizer prices pushing up food costs

The World Economic Forum openly calls on the peasants to eat bugs and weeds for ‘environmental reasons.’

Global elites at the WEF also promoted fake ‘meat’ produced from a 3D printer as “a taste of the future.”

WEF gave three reasons why peasants should eat lab grown meat:

  • Every year, billions of animals are raised and slaughtered for food.
  • This uses huge amounts of water and energy.
  • Some experts believe alternatives could be better for people and the environment.

In 2020, the global elites at WEF told the public to start eating weeds.

The strange diet plan comes from a recent virtual event hosted by the WEF, called Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good. The WEF highlighted 5 main reasons that you should start grazing on some weeds:

1. They’re easy to grow
2. They can be rich in nutrients
3. We need to diversify our diets
4. They know more about the soil than we do
5. They taste great

Coming soon: Soviet-style degradation and humiliation of hard-working Americans who are made to feel guilty for enjoying a cheeseburger.