Threatened with no fly list, falsely told there is a clothing policy, then accused of not wearing a face mask

Source: Steve Watson

A man was ejected from a Delta airlines flight for the crime of expressing a political opinion on clothing, even after he relented and took the garment off at the behest of triggered staff.

Jauneil Brooks uploaded footage of the incident, revealing that Delta staff ordered him to remove a hoodie bearing he slogan “f*ck Joe Biden,” threatening to ground the entire plane if he refused, and to place him on a ‘no fly list’.

“If you don’t come on the jet bridge, and flip your shirt outside in and out, right? So that word doesn’t show, I will have to deplane the whole aircraft,” one flight attendant is heard saying.

The staff told Brooks that the clothing violates Delta’s company policy, yet when he asked to see the policy they refused, with one attendant saying it was “inconvenient.”

“No, you’re making this inconvenient,” Brooks responded, adding “because last time I checked, I live in the United States of America, with the First Amendment freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion, do I not?”

“Do I not have the freedom of the press, freedom of religion, or freedom of speech anymore in this country?” he asked the staff.

After making his point Brooks relented and removed the hoodie, but the Delta staff continued to harass him because he’d let his face mask slip for a moment while taking off the hoodie.

“So I’m still getting kicked off the plane?” Brooks questioned.

“Yeah, you’re not putting — wearing the mask,” the flight attendant replied.


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