Corporate media is warning us that it’s time to get ready for food rationing. Of course, they’re blaming Putin. But we know better.

In the video below, Christian, host of Ice Age Farmer, says “brace for food rationing” and explains that this crisis is needed to advance the agenda, “I want to demonstrate that this is a deliberately engineered situation and that they’re still taking steps to aggravate it.”

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In his previous report Christian mentioned that Moldova had banned the export of grains trying desperately to hold on to the food supply that they do have and that other countries would be following suit.  “This was now going to escalate quickly into a global food crisis,” he said.

But as more countries halt exports and even as the European Union (“EU”) converges a food crisis meeting, they refuse to relax restrictions on farmers. 

The German Minister of Agriculture announced on 3 March that the EU is not going to relax the restrictions placed by the Farm to Fork programme. In other words, they’re not even going to put land to use, they’re not going to try and grow wheat now that the EU has cut off the 40 percent of global exports from the Ukraine.  “Just forget it we want this crisis is what he is telegraphing,” Christian said.

You can find the show notes for the video above HERE.  If YouTube removes the video above you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.