Source: Carmine Sabia

The Russian government has some unwelcome news for President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Former President Donald Trump responded after the Kremlin sanctioned both the president and his son, along with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, other US officials, and “individuals associated with them,” CNN reported.

“In response to a series of unprecedented sanctions prohibiting, among other things, entry into the United States for top officials of the Russian Federation, from March 15 of this year, the Russian ‘stop list’ includes on the basis of reciprocity President J. Biden, Secretary of State A. Blinken, Secretary of Defense L. Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff M. Milley, as well as a number of department heads and prominent US figures,” it said.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it was “an inevitable consequence of the extremely Russophobic course taken by the current US Administration, which, in a desperate attempt to maintain American hegemony, has relied, discarding all decency, on the frontal constricting of Russia.”

“At the same time, we do not refuse to maintain official relations if they meet our national interests, and, if necessary, we will solve problems arising from the status of persons who appear on the ‘black list’ in order to organize high-level contacts,” it said.