Source: Kelen McBreen

Operation poking the bear that is Russia? The US attempted to take credit for the Ukrainian military’s strength.

A Yahoo News report published Wednesday detailed a secret Central Intelligence Agency training program used to get Ukrainian troops prepared for a war with Russia. Yahoo is one of the CIA’s Fake news outlets.

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The clandestine operations started soon after Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych was overthrown in a US-backed coup.

According to the Yahoo article, a “select group of veteran CIA paramilitaries” were sent into the Donbas region of Ukraine to train troops in 2015.

The mainstream narrative being promoted by Yahoo is that because America helped, “the Ukrainian military has defied predictions of a rapid collapse, holding key cities against the Russian advance and inflicting punishing losses to Russian troops and materiel.”

Of course, there is no mention of how Russia might feel about American intelligence agencies helping the Ukrainian military with a hot war.

How would America react to Russian or Chinese intelligence training Mexican drug cartels just across the southern border?

Anonymous intel officials speaking with Yahoo said, “The CIA paramilitaries taught their Ukrainian counterparts sniper techniques; how to operate U.S.-supplied Javelin anti-tank missiles and other equipment; how to evade digital tracking the Russians used to pinpoint the location of Ukrainian troops, which had left them vulnerable to attacks by artillery; how to use covert communications tools; and how to remain undetected in the war zone while also drawing out Russian and insurgent forces from their positions, among other skills.”

At one point, the Yahoo journalist admitted the CIA previously lied about the training operations being offensive in nature.

“The purpose of the training, and the training that was delivered, was to assist in the collection of intelligence,” a senior intelligence official said in January.

If they were willing to lie just months ago, why should we trust them now and what else are they fibbing about?

The agency knew their presence could provoke Russia, one official saying, “Everything we did in Ukraine had a chance to be misinterpreted, and escalate the tensions.”

The CIA paramilitaries were allegedly told to “Advise and train, but do not take part in combat yourself, recalled former officials.”

However, this is coming from the same group who claimed their training wasn’t offensively oriented just two months ago.

During the Trump presidency, Yahoo reports his administration was worried about the ramifications of a CIA operative killing a Russian military member, and the consequences if the Russians captured one of the intelligence agents.

The agency claims nobody was ever killed in the long-running operation, but a former senior intelligence official admitted the US “wouldn’t want to say, ‘We just had a CIA officer killed by a Russian in Ukraine.’”

“That would put the president or the White House in a very bad position,” the former official explained.

For an alternative look at the 2014 Ukrainian coup, check out legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire,” which has been banned by YouTube.