Source: Steven Ahle

One thing you can say about the Loudoun County School Board, but not in mixed company. They have the predisposition to cover up crimes that are committed in their schools such as the rape that occurred in the girl’s restroom. They claimed they had no idea that the rape even took place. That’s curious since the superintendent notified them on the very same day the attack occurred.

Now, we find out about another assault that happened in a girl’s bathroom in the school district. One girl attacked another girl. The attacker stopped the other girl from leaving the bathroom. School personnel notified Stone Bridge High School’s Student Resource Officer (SRO) and the SRO notified the police. The suspect was issued three petitions for the attack for assault, strangulation, and abduction by force.

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Parents are angry because the school never notified them of the assault. The school and the board claimed it wasn’t necessary because only the two girls were involved and no other students were in danger………..until the next time anyway. Is that why they never notified parents about the rape? It was just between the rapist and the victim and no other students were in danger? The new school board that takes over the schools after the next election will need to clean house to win the parents back.

From The Daily Caller

The alleged assault took place Feb. 25, though the student was not served with the three petitions until March 11. Loudoun County Public Schools refused to disclose whether the individual is still attending school.