Source: Robert Besser

NEW YORK CITY, New York: A CBS News/YouGov poll has reported that 52 percent of the 2,088 Americans surveyed believe President Biden has not acted forcefully enough against Moscow for invading Ukraine, and would support a no-fly zone over the war-torn nation.

Thirty-six percent say Biden’s actions are about right, and 12 percent think they have been too severe.

Some 69 percent of Americans believe Russia will attack other European countries after Ukraine, while 31 percent think Russia will stop with Ukraine, the poll found.

If Russia attacks another NATO country, 72 percent of Americans would support a U.S. military response, while 27 percent are against U.S. action.

About 78 percent said they worry that the invasion could envelop NATO in a European war and lead to a global recession, while 76 percent fear a cyberattack on the U.S. and 72 percent said

Russian actions could lead to a war between the U.S. and Russia.

And while Biden’s approval rating for his handling of the crisis rose 5 percentage points to 46 percent since last week: 63 percent said his actions have made them nervous; 54 percent, insecure; 33 percent, confident, and 32 percent, secure.

Some 77 percent of Americans say they are in favor of sanctions against Russian oil and gas, with 23 percent in opposition.

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Asked if they would continue to back sanctions, even if they had to pay more at the pump, 63 percent said they would, while 36 percent said they would not.

Among those who would support sanctions amid higher gas prices, 82 percent say they would do so to help Ukraine and punish Russia, 34 percent think it is their patriotic duty, 26 percent note they do not drive much, and 19 percent acknowledge they can afford to pay higher prices.

Broken down by political party, 84 percent of Democrats support the sanctions, as do 76 percent of Republicans and independents.