Source: Dan Lyman

A 64-year-old man and his adult son are recovering from injuries suffered when a group of dirt bike riders attacked them on a street in New York City this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan.

The older victim was driving down West 127th Street when he allegedly crashed into a dirt bike after the rider ran a red light at an intersection while driving in the wrong direction, the New York Post reports.

Following the collision, the man was driving away in a state of shock when a group of suspects riding dirt bikes and an ATV surrounded his vehicle and pulled him and his 35-year-old son out into the road and began to beat them.

Surveillance footage of the assault was shared by NYPD Crime Stoppers.

The assailants proceeded to rob their victims, stealing credit and debit cards, a cell phone, IDs, and around $150 in cash before speeding off.

Father and son were transported to a local hospital in stable condition and treated for minor injuries.

“The dirt bike came on the opposite side of the downtown, driving opposite traffic,” the son told the Post. “We stopped and we see all these motorcycles coming around the car. My father was driving. He got in a panic. He was scared. He drove a little bit, like to the middle of the block.”

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“That’s when all of them came. That’s when the altercation happened. One guy broke my father’s driver window, the door handle. Opened the door, yanked him out of the car and started beating him. I got assaulted as well.”

The older man is still suffering both physically and psychologically, his son reports.

“I’m just concerned about my father,” he said. “I went running to his side.”

NYPD are still working to identify suspects in the attack, according to the most recent available updates.