Source: Joe Hoft

A Canadian energy official is asking why Biden is purchasing oil from overseas when Canadian oil is right next door.  Americans are asking why Biden is preventing the US from drilling. 

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The Populist Press shared a report from the Blaze about a Canadian Energy Official’s response to Biden purchasing oil from overseas when Canadian oil is right next door.

A Canadian energy official expressed frustration with the Biden administration for seeking to increase oil production from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia instead of looking to its neighbor to the north.

Sonya Savage, the energy minister for Alberta, made the comments in an interview with Lisa Fletcher of WJLA-TV.

“What did you think when President Biden called on OPEC and other oil drilling nations like Saudi?” asked Fletcher.

“I thought ‘what?’ ‘We’re right next door. We’re here!’” Savage responded.

“It’s extremely frustrating when we see the United States administration reaching out to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil production, to ask OPEC for more oil production, to look at Iran, to look at Venezuela when we’re right next door here in Alberta,” she explained. “They should be looking at us as the solution to energy security, not around, not Venezuela.”

This is a good question from the Canadian official.  However, Americans want to know why Biden is buying oil from our enemies when we have more than enough oil from home.  In 2020 thanks to President Trump’s policies, the US was energy for the first time in decades.  Biden changed all that.

Whoever is running the White House is not for America.  This person or group is against America as can be seen in every action they take.