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Female refugees from Ukraine currently staying in a hostel in Sweden are being terrorized by male migrants from the Middle East and Africa, according to reports.

Thousands of people have arrived in Sweden from Ukraine in recent weeks, most of whom are women and children.

Some have been offered temporary accommodation at a hostel in Örebro City Vandrarhem, a hostel in the city of Örebro.

However, a feeling of relief has been quickly replaced by one of fear for some arrivals who say they would prefer a return to Ukraine.

Men of African and Middle Eastern descent have been showing up at the hostel and attempting to gain entry, guests and workers say.

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One morning at around 3 a.m. last week, Somali men knocked on the front door of the building and asked to be let inside.

“They looked like African Americans if I express myself politely. They were black people. Long and narrow with black skin color,” one Ukrainian woman told Samnytt.

She says the men claimed to be looking for a friend staying at the hostel, but it was discovered that no such person could be found there, and they were turned away.

Shortly afterward, another suspicious man who appeared to be Somali managed to get inside.

“He started knocking on the door of a woman who lives with her two small children, aged two and four. They were very scared. The four-year-old was silent, but the two-year-old screamed,” a volunteer explained.

“They tried to get to her. The men spoke in a foreign language. She who lives in the room does not speak English, but recognizes English and understood that the men spoke another language.”

Then, at around 5 a.m., a group of ‘Arab men’ came to the facility and tried unsuccessfully to enter.

Security guards have now been stationed at the hostel and a report was filed with local police.

“I’m so scared I want to go home,” one woman said.

“When it comes to bombs, I know at least that I can go down to the basement and hide there.”

An 18-year-old woman who was staying in refugee accommodations in Germany after fleeing Ukraine was recently raped by two migrants from Iraq and Nigeria, according to reports.