Significant number also happy with their country using nuclear weapons.

Source:  Paul Joseph Watson

A new poll finds that around 75 per cent of Russians would support an invasion of Poland, while a significant number would also approve of their country’s use of nuclear weapons.

The poll results underscore how, contrary to propaganda in the west, Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine enjoy a high level of popular support amongst his own population.

The survey was conducted by Ukrainian sociologists from Active Group between March 11-14 and has a margin of error between 0.95 and 2.5 per cent.

“A feature of this project was that the calls were made using the Viber application, and the interviewers did not show up saying they were calling from Ukraine. At the same time, they used temporary numbers for calls (the numbers were purchased through virtual number sales),” said the group.


Overall, a whopping 86.6 per cent of Russians would support some form of attack on a country in the European Union, while 75.5 per cent support an armed invasion of another country.

When asked which nation they’d most like to see their country invade, 75.5 per cent said Poland, while 41 per cent said the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and 39.6 per cent said they would support invading Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

On the question of whether Russia should utilize its nuclear arsenal, 40.3 per cent consider a nuclear attack absolutely acceptable while 34.3% per cent would support a nuclear attack on another country to some degree.

Overall, only 25.5 per cent of Russians have a negative view towards the use of nuclear weapons.

Although the numbers may seem alarming, a disturbingly high number of Americans also seem willing to risk sparking World War III in other to help Ukraine.

35 per cent of respondents to a Pew poll said they were happy to risk nuclear armageddon to face down Russia over Ukraine.