Source: (John RansomHeadline USA) Progressives are still refusing to come to terms with what Republicans said about Joe Biden when he was running for president—essentially that the country would be doomed with a dotard as president— with a prominent progressive professor blaming magic instead of Biden policies, saying that Biden’s presidency is “cursed,” said the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

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“Biden has a cursed presidency,” Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota said according to the Guardian. “He’s gotten nailed by the continuation of Covid, by inflation being out of control, by a lunatic leader in Russia and now soaring energy prices that are hitting voters in the pocketbook. They want to be able to get gas for their cars and not spend a hundred bucks.”

It’s quite a turnaround for the professor who invited Minnesota native Jake Sullivan to a forum when Sullivan was named national security advisor, so Sullivan could explain to the rest of us why Biden’s foreign policy would be superior to Donald Trump’s management of foreign affairs. more