Source: Christopher Chantrill

In my adult lifetime it has been my honor to witness three attempted presidential defenestrations. The first, of course, was Richard Nixon for the unspeakable crime of… yes, just what was it that he did? Anyway, the day came when the senior Republicans drove down Pennsylvania Avenue and told President Nixon that he had to go.

Dear old Bill Clinton, of course, was not deserted by his party when the eeevil Republicans impeached him, even though he had committed unspeakable sexual harassments that today would prompt all sensitive souls to declare: “I can’t breathe.”

Then we come to Donald Trump. I can’t exactly remember how many times he was impeached in the House. But it didn’t matter, because somehow, in the small hours of November 4, 2020, the votes were there to get rid of him. A miracle.

Now, of course the window washers are coming for Joe Biden. We hear that his son and heir is likely to be indicted and that, well, maybe — but still it’s probably a Russian plot after all — that maybe the laptop of which you’ve heard tell really did belong to Hunter Biden. According to the New York Times even!

Okay. So the only question is how to get rid of Kamala Harris, vice-president of Cackle, and don’t dare mispronounce her name or you are a racist. Then the president can nominate a replacement vice president, per the 25th Amendment, and the nominee only needs a majority in both houses of Congress. Then the president can resign in disgrace because Ukrainian corruption and a glorious new era will dawn.

I have a question.

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What difference does it make? So the Dems got rid of the unspeakable Richard Nixon. Do you know what he did? Back in the 1940s he ran against Jerry Voorhees and Helen Gahagan Douglas and called them pinkos. My first boss back in 1970 had a Nixon Three Dollar Bill coffee mug to prove it! So we got Jimmy Carter as a president and he promptly got us into the worst inflation since the end of World War II. Then Ronald Reagan and three successive terms of GOP presidents.

So, just what was the point, dear Democrats?

Then we got the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Look, I get it. After 40 years in the wilderness it felt good for the first Republican Congress in a generation to give the Dems a dose of their own medicine. Except that, unlike Jane and Michael Banks, the Dems weren’t going to let the medicine go down, thank you very much Mary Poppins.

So, just what was the point, Republicans?

Then we got the Trump dossier and Russia Russia Russia, and the repurposing of the intelligence community into partisan witchhunters. So, you guys got rid of Trump. Has anything really changed? You got a year of pedal-to-the-metal spending, which you guys could have done at the next “time for a change” election. And now history seems to be repeating itself, as we are getting a surge of inflation — which anyone could have predicted after the COVID money printing — and the voters are reacting to the facts on the ground and gas-station attendants are having to remove “I did that” stickers off their gas pumps five times a day.

So, just what was the point, Democrats?

If 2022 gives us a solid Republican Congress and 2024 a solid GOP president plus GOP Congress, what is the point, Deep State?

Really, what difference did impeaching those presidents make?

And at the minor-league level, what difference does the solitary confinement of armed insurrectionists make?

And at the post-doc activist level, what difference does all the mostly peaceful protesting make?

I’ve just been reading Thomas Sowell’s Ethnic America, a book I seem to have bought in 2016 but had never read until now. The big takeaway, for me, is that the ethnic groups that got ahead quickly — Germans, Jews, East Asians — already had middle-class values before they arrived. Groups like the Irish, South Italians, and blacks, that had dependency issues usually because of oppression before they came to the city, took the longest to rise. But rise everybody did.

Government? I’d say it Made Things Worse, from the Civil War to Jim Crow to Exclusion Laws, to turning immigration on and off, to the Great Society to racial quotas to Wokism and race-with-everything.

Yes, the Civil War. You think the South could have continued slavery into the 1880s? What a story that would have been!

I say, let the word go forth that we ordinary Americans have had it with our ruling class playing Russian roulette with our presidents, our jobs, and our lives.

Frankly, I have just two words for you rulers: Go. Away.