“He didn’t invade when Trump was president.”


The Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro recently pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t invade any other countries while Donald Trump was in office.

Pirro said this after her fellow Fox News host Geraldo Rivera outrageously claimed that “Putin was playing Trump” during the former president’s time in the White House.

“Oh, stop it,” Pirro fired back, according to Newsweek. “He wasn’t playing Trump. He didn’t invade when Trump was president. It’s not about loving Trump. It’s about the fact that Trump had everybody against the wall. … I don’t give a damn what Putin thinks [of Trump]. I only care what Putin did. And he was a wuss when Trump was president, and that’s the end of it.”

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This came after Fox News host Sean Hannity said that “the world does not have a strong and a decisive U.S. president” as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues. He slammed Joe Biden for not doing more as it was revealed that China has pledged to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to deliver “the worst consequences for any country that supports Taiwan’s military.”

“Joe Biden is doing absolutely nothing to counter all of this aggression on the world stage, and his pathetic, feckless weakness, it is causing all of this,” Hannity said.

Not stopping there, Hannity ripped into Biden for putting a stop to a proposed transfer of fighter jets from Poland to Ukraine because the deal involved the using a United States airbase.