Source:  Susie Moore 

On Monday, news broke that Missouri GOP Senate Candidate Eric Greitens was accused of domestic abuse in an affidavit filed by his ex-wife, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, in connection with an ongoing custody dispute. The affidavit asserts that Eric Greitens “threatened to use his political connections and influence in order to destroy her reputation to win custody of the children.” Further, it alleges that Eric Greitens was physically violent towards both Sheena Greitens and the couple’s then-three-year-old son.

This, as you might expect, caused quite a stir in and around Missouri politics and prompted the other candidates vying to replace Roy Blunt in the US Senate to issue statements calling for Greitens to drop out of the race and/or face criminal prosecution.

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As we reported, Greitens has denied the claims, called Sheena Greitens “deranged,” and contends that the allegations are connected to Mitch McConnell, stemming from Greitens’ vow to vote against McConnell as leader should he win the seat.