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Complaints about excessively bright vehicle headlights have been ongoing for years.  Fingers crossed this GM recall will lead to more vehicles being recalled for their hazardous headlights.

From Car Complaints:

GM Headlight Recall Issued Over Low-Beam Glare

More than 740,000 GMC Terrain SUVs equipped with headlights that may be too bright.

By David A. Wood

March 23, 2022 — A GM headlight recall over low-beam glare includes more than 740,000 the model year 2010-2017 GMC Terrain SUVs after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration denied a petition from General Motors to skip the headlight recall.

General Motors says a reflection from the headlight housing may illuminate “excessively bright light” in areas above the Terrain and outside the view of the driver.

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“A reflection caused by the headlamps’ housing can project a narrow beam of light 80 degrees outboard and 45 degrees upward of each lamp’s forward-center axis.” — GM headlight recall

GM also says the design of the Terrain headlights allows a narrow beam of light from the lower beam light to reflect off the inner surface of the high-beam reflector. However, the high-beam headlights are not affected.

The headlight problem has been going on for years because it was in June 2019 when the automaker petitioned NHTSA for a recall exemption because only one GMC Terrain owner had complained.

That complaint didn’t mention bright lights or glare, but the complainant said the headlights shined into the tops of trees.

GM also said the headlights hadn’t caused any crashes or injuries even though the Terrain model years go back to 2010.

Early in March safety regulators denied GM’s petition and told the automaker it should issue a GMC headlight recall for 2010-2017 Terrains.

According to GM, dealers aren’t sure what they will do to repair the headlight problem, but headlight recall notices are expected to be mailed on April 23, 2022.

GMC Terrain owners may contact GMC at 800-462-8782 and use headlight recall number N222363740.

Of course, complaints about health risks from LED and other energy-saving light bulbs have been ongoing for years as well (see 12345).