Some school board members argue it’s wrong to use race to determine punishment.

Source: Kelen McBreen

The Clover Park School District in Pierce County, Washington recently voted to pass a new student discipline policy where the race of a student plays a role in the severity of their punishments.

Under the term “culturally responsive” student discipline, the district has set the precedent for racism to run rampant in public schools.

As Harrison Smith of The American Journal noted on Friday, “This is Critical Race Theory. It’s just racism in a different form, it’s just racism to be used as a weapon against white people.”

Radio host Jason Rantz joined Fox News on Thursday to discuss the divisive policy.

Rantz told Fox host Stuart Varney that the Clover Park School District race-based discipline adoption is only the beginning of what is actually to become a statewide policy in Washington.

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Rantz said, “When you’ve got a white kid and a black kid committing the same exact rule-breaking, the teacher or administration is supposed to look at that and say, ‘Okay, we have too many black kids or too many Latino kids or too many Asian kids who are getting disciplined versus the white kids. Why don’t we assume there is some sort of implicit bias going on here. Maybe we don’t understand what it’s like to be a black child or an Asian child, so let’s not give them the same punishment as we would give the white kids,’ which I think is condescending that because you’re black you might not know that assault is wrong or stealing in classroom is wrong but the white kid does. I find that so repulsive.”

During the March 14th Clover Park School District board meeting, two of the five members voiced their opposition to the race-based discipline proposal but it ultimately passed.

Watch the full meeting below: