Source: Tim Meads

On Tuesday, The Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Razors, a new company started by The Daily Wire in response to Harry’s Razors pulling its ads from The Daily Wire in 2021. On Friday evening, Daily Wire Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing was interviewed by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson to discuss the latest venture.

“So corporations, obviously, have formed an alliance with the lunatics in the Biden administration and are pushing ideology on their customers. There are not a lot of alternatives for normal people. If you want to buy products and not support the woke regime, what do you do?” Carlson said on the show. “Well, Jeremy Boreing of The Daily Wire was so tired of this that he took action.”

“When Harry’s Razors cut ties with The Daily Wire, Boreing launched his own razor company. Kind of an inspiring story,” he added.

“Just to confirm, you really have started your own razor company?” the host of  “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” asked with a laugh.

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“It’s a joke, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real,” Boreing announced. “We’ve absolutely started our own razor company, and in our first 72 hours, we’ve sold 30,000 razor kits and razor blade subscriptions.”

“Ahah, so great,” Carlson added with amusement. “And I just love it because you’re not just complaining, you’re providing an alternative, and I think that’s beautiful.”

After being asked whether or not Harry’s has responded, Boreing mentioned that one of the “jandies who runs the place” at Harry’s “mumbled off something about hate speech.”

Boreing then clarified that “jandy” means a “virtue signaling coward who bends their knee to the woke mob” and it is actually a newly created term, coined by combining Jeff and Andy, the name of the co-CEOs of Harry’s.

“The commercial was so important to me,” Boreing also told Carlson. “I wanted to make a statement as much as anything, because I’m tired of the … virtue-signaling companies like Harry’s, assuming that everyday Americans have no economic alternatives, so they just insult us any chance they get.”

“But I’m also tired of this sort of non-profit mentality on the Right that responds to every attack with the same tired sort of cycle of losing, complain, and beg for donations,” Boreing continued. “That’s just a recipe for failure.”

“We have to be constructive, we have to be building a future, and I wanted that to be the statement that we made, and I thought if we actually sell some razors, that would just make the joke that much funnier, and boy have we sold razors,” The Daily Wire co-CEO added.

“So now we’re the dog who caught the car, we’re having to learn how to chew through steel and stand up an actual razor company,” he explained. “Which we are doing; the razors will be delivered before Father’s Day.”

“It’s a great razor, it’s a great shave balm. And I think we’re going to make a great company out of it and maybe change the way conservatives think,” Boreing added.

Carlson asked Boreing whether or not he thought this could expand to other areas of the economy and culture.

“I think there are so many opportunities out there,” Boreing responded.

“The Left is bifurcating the culture, again because they just assume that we have no alternative but to give them our money anyway. So, my view is we need to bifurcate the economy,” Boreing observed. “We need to make it hurt. Boycotts don’t do it. Boycotts are temporary, they’re ineffectual because at the end of the day, we still have to buy those products because we need good products…”

“So we keep giving them our money, but we don’t have to — if we’re proactive, if we build things, we’ll actually put them in a position once again where they have to compete for our business. And so, by actually tearing things further apart, I think there’s actually a path to bring things back together in the long run,” Boreing explained.

“I think it’s a really inspiring story, and we’re just wishing you all the best,” Carlson said while closing out the segment.

On Tuesday, Jeremy’s Razors said in a press release that the company “will begin accepting pre-orders for shaving kits today that customers can expect to be delivered by Father’s Day. Pre-orders can be placed at”

According to that press release, the shaving kits include:

  •  A strong razor handle (not like the Beta stuff other brands use)
  •  Jeremy’s Green Tea & Menthol Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm, hand-selected by “the god-king”
  •  Eight razor cartridges
  •  A razor subscription to keep that mug looking fresh, forever