Source: Paul Goldberg

In a new interview with the NY Times, longtime anchor Chris Wallace explains why he left Fox News for CNN plus.

Wallace explained “I’m fine with opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion. But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election?” he asked.

“Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable. I spent a lot of 2021 looking to see if there was a different place for me to do my job,” he continued.

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Wallace also took issue some of Tucker Carlson’s programming including “Patriot Purge,” which discussed the story January 6th Capitol riot.

“Before, I found it was an environment in which I could do my job and feel good about my involvement at Fox,” Wallace said.  “And since November of 2020, that just became unsustainable, increasingly unsustainable as time went on.”

“One of the reasons that I left Fox was because I wanted to put all of that behind me. There has not been a moment when I have second-guessed myself about that decision,” he added.

According to a new report from Radar last month, a TV insider told the publication Chris Wallace is “irate” Jeff Zucker has resigned from CNN.

After his decision to leave Fox News, Wallace said in a statement “I am honored and delighted to join Jeff Zucker and his great team.”

Zucker had returned the praise, saying “tt is not often that a news organization gets the opportunity to bring someone of Chris Wallace’s caliber on board.”

Wallace is set to host a interview program on CNN+ the embattled network’s digital streaming service.

Now, with Zucker gone, Wallace is “second guessing his decision.”

“Chris is the type of person who makes it known if he doesn’t like something,” said the insider to Radar.

“He went over there for Zucker and now Zucker is gone. Wallace feels that he has been stiffed. He’s got no staff, no Executive Producer and the guy he gave up a prized gig for has just walked out the door,” he continued.

“It’s no secret in DC that Wallace hates Jake Tapper and despises Sam Feist,” the source added. “Zucker spun his magic to allay Chris’ concern about the pair, promising that his status as a ‘premiere journalist’ would not be compromised while working out of the DC bureau.”