Activists call out lies and propaganda from vaccine shill.’Four vaccines and you still need to test for the thing you’re vaxxed against?’

Source: Adan Salazar

Comedian Kathy Griffin was blasted on Twitter after she celebrated getting her fourth experimental Covid-19 jab, in addition to eight free Covid tests.

“4th booster f**kers,” the anti-Trump jokester virtue-signaled Friday.

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“Oh, and CVS gave us EIGHT free Covid tests for getting boosted!” she added.

The D-list actress’s absurd celebration was short-lived, as almost immediately social media users began calling her out for not trusting the booster, which even Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has admitted doesn’t stop infections.

Check out a few replies pointing out the utter clown world insanity of Griffin’s tweet:

Griffin’s announcement comes as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last week declared she tested positive for Covid-19 for a second time, despite being double-vaxxed and boosted.

Psaki then absurdly went on to praise the vaccine, claiming it made her only suffer mild symptoms.