Source: Hailey Sanibel

Although the idea has been floated around for months, notably by Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, it was this past weekend that MAGA country got a real sense of not just what was possible, but what could actually materialize. It feels different hearing it this time.


In his build up to announcing former president Donald Trump as the main speaker, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) wowed a massive Georgia crowd with a huge revelation. He promised to nominate Donald Trump to be the next Speaker of the House.

Watch the congressman deliver an absolute slam dunk for the America First movement:

“There is no greater country than America! There is no greater president than Donald J. Trump! And if you don’t mind me saying so, there is not a better member of Congress than Marjorie Taylor Greene…

Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the majority, impeach Joe Biden, and I’m going to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the United States House of Representatives!”