Source: Joe Hoft

President Trump released another statement last night, this one focused on the lying, cheating and America destroying Democrats. 

President Trump released a statement on the radical left Democrats and their “Unselect Committee” which is ignoring the mountains of evidence of a stolen 2020 Election and instead is focused on punishing those who want free and fair elections in the US.


The President shared:

So the Radical Left Democrats in Congress and the Unselect Committee continue to seek the destruction of lives of very good people, but have no interest in going after the criminals and thugs who cheated like mad dogs on the 2020 Presidential Election. All the evidence is in and conclusive, but they, and the Fake News Media, refuse to look at or report it. They call it the Big Lie, but the Big Lie is the exact opposite—they are the liars, they are the cheaters, and they are the ones who are destroying our Country at the Voting Booths, the Borders, the Gas Stations, with our Military, our Vets, Foreign Relations, and everywhere else!

President Trump is right.  There are mountains of evidence showing the 2020 Election was rigged.  The Democrats and RINOs just don’t want to look at it.  They don’t care.