“They are begging for mercy.”

Source:  Paul Joseph Watson

Russian Special Forces have captured some of the individuals who tortured captured Russian prisoners of war by shooting them in knees and watching them die in agony while filming it all on video, it has been claimed.


Over the weekend, horrific footage emerged showing members of the Ukrainian military beating and shooting the POWs, in what appeared to be a war crime.

The video was then posted online by numerous pro-Ukraine social media users who gloated about the treatment of the soldiers.

President Zelensky was subsequently forced to release a video reminding the military to adhere to the Geneva Convention.

As we highlighted on Monday, footage posted to Twitter also shows what appears to be Ukrainian soldiers calling up the mothers of dead Russian soldiers killed in action and mocking them over their loss.

Now a new report claims the Ukrainian soldiers who were caught on camera torturing the POWs have themselves been captured by Russian Special Forces.

The claim was made by Russian lawmaker, Chairman of the Defence Committee of the State Duma, Vladimir Shamanov.

“The joy of [those who] tortured our servicemen did not last long – three days after [the video of tortures emerged] our special forces captured these bastards. Now they are begging for mercy,” Shamanov said.

Shamanov went on to assert that two of the individuals had been captured and that they were “radicals” as well as supporters of the Ukrainian football club FC Metalist Kharkiv.