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The headline reads “Chicken breast, ground beef, pork prices set to surge higher.” That’s not worrisome at all, right? As if Joe Biden’s corrupt administration wasn’t satisfied with the sheer volume of harm willingly and already inflicted upon the American populace – half of which knew better and voted for Trump and most of the other half which was too stupid to see beyond mean tweets – Fox News is providing some shocking information about the inflationary pressures on meat prices.

As bad as current costs are at the grocery store, they are about to get a lot worse. Make sure you’re sitting down as you read the following forecast from Fox News:

“Evercore ISI issued a protein inflation note this week projecting that most protein prices are forecasted to increase “substantially” due to the higher feed costs, with chicken breast reaching as high as 70% year-over-year in the first half of 2022.

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The analysis said pork and ground beef could climb as high as 20% year-over-year during the same period.

The report pointed to the rising costs of grain that are used to feed livestock, such as wheat, soybeans and corn, as a significant factor contributing to increases in protein prices. Wheat, in particular, skyrocketed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“We also note that beef is the least exposed to grain volatility (from the Russia/Ukraine war) as feed makes up roughly ¼ of production cost versus 50%+ for pork and 70-80% for chicken,” Palmer told FOX Business.”

A 70% rise in chicken breast prices is unfathomable. And, though this is speculation, it could go even higher if what a local farmer in my area shared with me. This particular source said egg prices were set to rise on account of an outbreak of avian flu. Avian flu…how convenient at this time. 

This is just insane – and completely avoidable. Had we not printed trillions of dollars of “free” money and shut down the means of production over the past two years, most of these issues would be nonexistent. Democrats might be evil but they can’t all be stupid; they know how inflation works. But they do it anyway because it’s all part of the Great Reset agenda.

This alarming report comes on the heels of other warnings, prominently voiced by Tucker Carlson in a detailed and frightening monologue last week about similar concerns over incessantly rising costs. In that report, he interviewed farmers and shrimpers, both of whom noted their options are either to absorb the costs of feed and fuel or pass them onto customers. 

I wrote about that monologue as well in an article borrowing a title directly from Carlson himself: “We May Not Have Enough Food Soon.” Among other unthinkable disasters lurking in the near future, he noted that:

“With regard to food shortages, yes, we did still talk about food shortages and it’s going to be real. The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia; it’s imposed upon an  awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well. And because both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe, in terms of wheat, for example…”

Food shortages. Biden said, quote: ‘They’re going to be real.’ Once again, in case you missed it, to repeat: Food shortages. Not in Sudan, in Cincinnati, in Reno, in Spokane, and Norfolk, and of course in our big cities too where not a single person who was born here has any idea what a food shortage is. Our problem has always been having too much food. Now we won’t have enough.”

When Bill Gates said he wanted us eating synthetic meat, it’s almost too convenient that meat prices are going to be out of reach for average consumers. There is no such thing as a coincidence anymore. Joe Biden and these globalists are evil incarnate.

This story syndicated with permission from Hailey Sanibel, Author at Trending Politics