Source: Calvin Freiburger

PHILADELPHIA (LifeSiteNews) – The University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Penn Medicine is allegedly denying medical treatment to a 62-year-old woman over her refusal to wear a mask due to lifelong trauma from a childhood assault.

The Epoch Times reported on the story of Rayne Barton, who as a five-year-old girl was assaulted by a group of teenage boys “putting their fingers down my throat, putting dirt in my face, up my nose, in my ears, and stepping on my face. They flipped me over and started rubbing my face into the dirt where I just couldn’t breathe.”

The crime left her with ongoing anxieties caused by any sort of obstruction of her mouth, from Halloween masks to bedsheets, coming to a head in 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing frenzy for public masking.

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Barton, a 40-year-patient of Penn Medicine with several medical issues including diabetes, a pacemaker, kidney trouble, and spinal stenosis, sought treatment at the network’s Lancaster Orthopedic Group in 2020 for a grapefruit-sized ligament on the back of a knee, but had an anxiety attack and left when they gave her a mask to wear.