Source: Alex Newman

Covid-19 is helping usher in the Great Reset, a plan to enslave the global population under techno-feudalism formulated by elite power brokers who openly admit their motives.

Governments worldwide seem to be retreating from the lawlessness and tyranny unleashed under the guise of fighting Covid-19. But looks can be deceiving. 

This is almost certainly “two steps forward, one step back” in the face of massive public resistance, rather than a genuine acknowledgment of error. Covid has already helped the Deep State — the invisible government behind the scenes — accomplish or advance multiple key objectives. The infrastructure laid down during “pandemic” hysteria, much of which is still in place, can and likely will be re-activated to deal with the next supposed crisis.


If the Deep State gets its way, the biomedical police-state nightmare is only just beginning. Already establishment bigwigs warn that Covid was simply the warmup and that much-deadlier pandemics will soon hit humanity. The architecture of tyranny rolled out during the pandemic — vaccine passports, medicine at gunpoint, censorship, endless propaganda, lockdowns, arrests of pastors, shuttering churches, forced masking, destruction of the middle class, and more — will come roaring back with a vengeance. 

Not only did the tyrannical Covid countermeasures prove devastating to public health, they shattered the economy and stifled whistleblowing experts in unprecedented ways. The feature articles of this special Covid issue of The New American detail these crimes. Here, we discuss how they shed light on Deep State plans for the future.

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