Source: Daily Mail

A German man got himself vaccinated against Covid 90 times so he could sell forged jab passes.

The passes, which had real vaccine batch numbers, were being sold to those who did not want to get jabbed themselves. 

It is said that the man, 60, from the city of Magdeburg, received up to 90 vaccinations against COVID-19 at centres in Saxony. 

The 60-year-old, whose name has not been released in line with German privacy laws, got the jabs for months until police caught him.

He was discovered after he had a COVID-19 jab two days in a row at a vaccination centre in Eilenburg, Saxony.

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Several blank cards were confiscated from the 60-year-old by police.

He was not detained but German news agency dpa reported that the man is under investigation for issuing the vaccination cards without authorisation and document forgery. 

It is unclear what impact the 90 doses of the vaccine from different brands had on the man’s personal health.

In recent months, German police have completed many vaccine passport forgery raids.  

Many people have refused to get jabbed in Germany but also want COVID-19 passports.

The passports make access to public life and venues such as restaurants, theatres, swimming pools or workplaces much easier.