Police serve three residential search warrants and recover at least one handgun.

Source: SACRAMENTO, Calif. —

Sacramento police have arrested a 26-year-old man in connection with Sunday’s deadly mass shooting, the city’s police chief confirmed.

Dandre Martin was taken into custody and booked on charges of assault with a firearm and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, Police Chief Kathy Lester told KCRA 3’s Ty Steele in an exclusive interview Monday morning.

“Right now that’s really all we’re able to share about him,” she said. “As you know this is a complex investigation and we’re looking for multiple suspects and so we’re currently working to identify what his role was the night of the shooting.”

A press release from the department referred to Martin as a “related suspect.”

Sacramento Police Department SWAT members and detectives also served search warrants at three residences in the area. At least one handgun was recovered, police said.

| VIDEO BELOW | Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester gives an update on the shooting investigation.

Six people were killed and 12 other people were hurt by gunfire that broke out early Sunday following a large fight downtown, Lester said. She said that multiple shooters were believed to be involved in the violence and a stolen handgun was recovered from the scene.

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Lester said Monday that police now know that at least three buildings and three cars were hit by gunfire and more than 100 bullet casings were recovered from the scene.

“So we know that there were a lot of shots fired that night and hence the complexity of the investigation,” Lester said.

She said police are still searching for multiple shooters.

The coroner’s office in Sacramento County identified the three men and three women who were killed on Monday as:

  • Johntaya Alexander, 21
  • Melinda Davis, 57
  • Sergio Harris, 38
  • Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32
  • Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21
  • Devazia Turner, 29

Lester said Sunday that investigators were poring over more than a hundred pieces of evidence as well as footage from a police camera at 10th Street and K Street that captured video.

“Gun violence is truly a crisis in our community and has increased not only here in Sacramento but across the nation,” Lester said.

President Joe Biden and California state and local leaders have also condemned the shooting.

Lester said Monday that she was “really proud of our team.”

“They have worked on this nonstop since the shooting first happened,” she said.

Asked whether the community is safe with possible shooters at large, Lester said she did believe that was the case.

“But obviously, we do need to get the people that were responsible for this horrific act into custody,” she said.