Source: Vasko Kohlmayer

Last week the Russian government held a press conference where it aired accusations of breathtaking corruption on the part of Joe Biden and his family.

Unfortunately, this event was no fake news Russian propaganda. The incriminating evidence presented at the event came straight from the hard drive that belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

As you may know, in 2019 Hunter Biden carelessly abandoned his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware. This was an act of astounding recklessness, since the emails, text messages, files, photos, and videos contained on that computer provided an extensive record of greed, corruption, bribery, and graft, not only on his part but also on the part of his father and other members of their family.

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When the New York Post tried to report on the hard drive in October 2020, the American mainstream media and law enforcement authorities refused to acknowledge it or take appropriate action. Rather than commencing an investigation, the establishment falsely claimed that the hard drive was a product of “Russian disinformation.” They did this even though they knew it was real.  The staff of the New York Post conducted an extensive, multi-level authentication process to ensure that the hard drive was genuine, and they made the details of this process available to anyone who cared to check.