Source: Lifezette

During a recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was asked by Bannon whether Governor Doug Ducey is prepared for the fallout of ending Title 42.

Lake stated that she doesn’t believe anyone is ready for the fallout, further proclaiming that once Title 42 is yanked, the flood of illegal immigration will result in the “biggest invasion on our homeland since the founding of this great country.”

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“I don’t think anyone’s ready for it. I mean think about the invasion as we’ve seen it so far with over two million people coming across our border, many people say that’s a low estimate. We are going to see an explosion of illegal immigrants coming across our border like we’ve never seen before. We’re going to be shocked by this.

“This is going to be the biggest invasion on our homeland since the founding of this great country. And I do not think our current governor is prepared for it. I encourage him to take my border policy, my border plan, which is called Defend Arizona, and implement it immediately.

“Because if they pull Title 42, we are going to see an onslaught of people coming across that border and […]