Source: Patty McMurray

The media will never give up on their insatiable desire to destroy Donald J. Trump for having the courage to take on the formerly untouchable DC Swamp and for exposing the truth about the mainstream media at the same time.

Last week, Greg Bluestein, a “journalist” for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and an NBC News contributor, tweeted about President Trump’s rally in Commerce, GA, on March 26. Using a common strategy employed by the dishonest media, Bluestein showed images of empty seats inside the venue, as Trump supporters were waiting patiently in line before entering the rally.

In his tweet, Bluestein showed an image of a section of seats at the rally that had not yet been filled and wrote:

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I’ve covered more than two dozen Trump rallies around the nation. This is the smallest crowd I’ve seen at a rally of his in Georgia since he won the 2016 election — significantly smaller than the crowd in Perry in September.