Source: Monica Showalter

So Puppet Master President Obama is returning to the White House.

According to Reuters:

WASHINGTON, April 5 (Reuters) — Former President Barack Obama will return to the White House on Tuesday for the first time since leaving office in 2017 to tout the benefits of his signature healthcare law and offer backing to his friend and former governing partner, President Joe Biden.

Ah, Obamacare.  That 2010 government health takeover known as “Obamacare,” whose costs for consumers have tripled.  Obama, in fact, is coming to the White House now to help “celebrate” a fix that Joe Biden is proposing to put in, known as “the family glitch.”  Axios explains that pretty well here, calling Joe’s supposed improvement a “lifeline” for the money-eating program. 

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But it’s all so nicey-nice.  Obama, you see, despite not having been invited to the White House once in 16 months, despite living in a nearby Kalorama mansion, just wants to drop by and help an old friend.

According to Reuters, Joe and Barack are simply the best of friends.

They’re taking it from White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki:

Obama and Biden became friends during Obama’s time in office, meeting for lunch weekly. Their families became close and Obama spoke at the funeral of Biden’s son, Beau.

The two men will have lunch on Tuesday, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said.

“They are real friends, not just Washington friends, and so I’m sure they will talk about events in the world as well as their families and personal lives,” Psaki told reporters on Monday.

Lots of chat about the grandchildren, maybe the way Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch used to do whenever they bumped into one another at Phoenix airports?

It smells like White House spin.

Start with the mechanics of it.

The “family glitch” fix that Joe’s putting in as a regulatory change is Joe’s “accomplishment,” his fulfilled campaign promise on Obamacare to “mend it, don’t end it.”

Why would Joe be inviting Obama over to claim credit for that rare “accomplishment” that Joe can call his own?  Politicians don’t work like that.

The claims to warmth and friendship are even more suspect, given Obama’s known contempt for the clownish, senile Biden.

Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.

You don’t have to do this, Joe…

Recall also that Biden had to beg Obama to call him “Mr. Vice President,” given the contemptuous nicknames Obama was flinging around to staff early in Obama’s term.

Obama refused to endorse Biden for president until it was impossible not to, way late in the campaign, and he never went out campaigning with his basement-dwelling best buddy.

Recall also that Obama’s political protégée, Kamala Harris, pretty well called Joe a racist during the 2020 campaign.

Fact is, Obama despises Joe Biden, and everyone knows it.

Hauling Obama in to tout Joe’s Obamacare “fix” is ridiculous stuff, particularly since, as Axios notes, the “fix” won’t fix the monster Obamacare premium hikes scheduled to roll in by the end of the year.

Axios likely correctly notes that Biden is flailing at the polls, and Obama is the Democrat party’s big gun, the guy who has successfully used Obamacare to help Democrats in the polls.  He’s the guy being called in to help bail Joe Biden out.

For Obama, it’s clean-up on Aisle 46.  His mission is to bolster Joe Biden ahead of the midterms, even as Obama pretends he’s happy about Joe Biden’s “fix” to the health care mandate and Joe and Barack are the best of friends.

Who believes that?  Only a deluded Democrat and their media allies.

File this under the palace guard making moves.