(Natural News) The City of San Diego has done something that is so incredibly stupid and shortsighted — in the name of ‘combating climate change’ — that even some liberal residents are confused and angry about it.

Specifically, the city, without consultation or announcement, redesigned a “two-lane” road along a stretch of Gold Coast Drive in the Mira Mesa suburb that accommodates two lanes of bike traffic but only one center lane for vehicles. But it isn’t a one-way road; it’s still a two-way traffic road with a single lane. Vehicles are expected to dodge each other as they drive toward head-on collisions.

Take a look:

“This is not safe for anybody. I don’t know why any city would do something like this,” said local resident Tommy Hough, who is running for city council.

“Gold Coast is essentially two streets – the length from Black Mountain Rd. to Camino Ruiz (east) is the worst road in the city. Everyone here knows it. Not good for bicycles or cars. The shorter length from Camino Ruiz to Parkdale (west) is newer and regularly resurfaced,” he noted further in a tweet.

“Definitely agree on how bad Gold Coast is – I rode here last week after a neighbor sent me a note about what was being done. I’m curious tho, considering you’re calling on the city to restripe the street: what would you do differently?” one resident asked in response to Hough’s post.