Source: Rich Welsh

Democrats and liberals are terrified that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is going to win his second term this November and then go on to run for the White House. They can’t understand or come to grips with the governor’s rise in popularity, not only in Florida, but around the country. They lament that he’s the polar opposite of everything they believe in, and they’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly why DeSantis’s star is rising quickly.

Other than the great job DeSantis is doing, his enemies have no one to thank but themselves. And when you think about it, what DeSantis stands for is nothing radically outrageous to the average, dare I say, normal thinking American. Just the opposite. Unlike his opponents, the Florida governor is fully in touch with the American people, the spirit of America, and he has a knack for pointing out things the Democrats support that go counter to the beliefs of normal working-class Americans.

Democrats have gone so far to the Left, they are seen as radical fringe elements of our society as they embrace their wokeness. They have done mean things to the innocent people who elected them to represent them. The COVID lockdowns and mandates are just one piece of the mean-spirited nature the modern-day Democratic Party has embraced. They got social media to censor free speech, essentially calling conservatives purveyors of lies who spread misinformation. There is nothing more unamerican than silencing people in a country known for having free speech. Elected Democrats are not allowed to censor free speech, so they got their leftist friends on social media platforms to do it for them, and they act like they had nothing to do with it. The American people are not stupid. They are tolerant, but their tolerance is waning.

Take Twitter, for example. The social media platform became a haven for woke hate-filled life’s losers who attack anyone who doesn’t subscribe the awesomeness of the woke supremacy they live under. Billionaire Elon Musk just bought 9.2% of Twitter stock, making him the largest shareholder of what is seen as the new public square.

To give you an idea that Musk understands what’s happening to our society by wokeness on social media, he recently said, “Wokeness gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored on false virtue.”

Ron DeSantis has the same ability to see evil among his opponents, call it out for what it is, and put in place a campaign to conquer it. The recent “Parental Rights in Education” law DeSantis signed is one example. Children as young as 5 were being groomed in schools for gender identity and they were being sexualized by teachers and administrators, guidance counselors and more. DeSantis signed the bill that protects young children from being sexualized at such a tender young age in schools. Democrats should have used the moment to reflect on why the bill was so popular in Florida where even a good number of Democrats support it, but instead, the Democrat leadership lied about the bill calling it the “Don’t say gay” law even though it doesn’t say that anywhere in the bill and the word gay is never mentioned. And it wasn’t just Florida Democrats who spread that lie. It was a national party movement.

The Sunshine State governor has so far done an exceedingly good job for the people of Florida. It is known as a free state because DeSantis did not buy into extending the COVID mitigations. In fact, from the very beginning of the pandemic, Florida’s angle to handle it was to protect the people who were vulnerable, mostly elderly Floridians and people with multiple comorbidities. Everyone else were free to live their lives. And it worked. Florida is seen as one of the few states that did a really good job handling the COVID pandemic.

As I said, the Democrats are out of touch with the American people and that causes them to make really stupid decisions. Whenever the party leadership thinks they’ve won a mandate, they go crazy with progressive policies that end up making most American voters disgusted. Then they have to lie about who they really are and lie about who their opponents are to remain in power. They did that in 2018 when, instead of putting up a moderate Democrat for governor, the party thought that the progressive movement came to Florida and they went and gave the nod to radical progressive Andrew Gillum who lost to DeSantis by a very small margin. That loss is what propelled DeSantis’ future career that the Democrats could have stopped dead in its tracks had they not jumped the gun by pushing a radical leftist outside of the mainstream that the people of Florida were not ready for.

Georgia Democrats made the same mistake that year by putting up the radical progressive lunatic Stacey Abrams.

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The Democratic National Committee did the same thing in 2016 when they nominated the absolute worst candidate ever when they gave the nod for the White House to Hillary Clinton.

And after the 2018 gubernatorial loss, the Florida Democrats should have licked their wounds and took measure of why they blew it when the governorship was theirs to lose. But they learned nothing. Instead, they have gone hog wild nuts in their hostility toward DeSantis and he beats them nearly every time because while he is being true to himself and true to his core beliefs; the Democrats have no idea how to defeat a Republican who doesn’t cower to their demands. They continue to attack him and his administration with the most bogus conspiracy theories and they get exposed every time because DeSantis fights back with winning arguments. Worse yet, I don’t think the Democrats know how to stop themselves, which is a good thing for the people of Florida.

Americans are starting to realize that every time Democrats get in charge of things, normal Americans experience pain.